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{body oil}
100% natural & quickly absorbed, this body oil owes its splendor to the addition of pure grape seed oil & apricot oil. once applied it creates a light layer to protect & nourish all skin types. results are immediate. after use the skin looks & feels nourished mositurized soft & looks radiant.
{hand & foot scrub}
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a wonderfully intoxicating scrub made to specifically to address the needs of abused hands & feet. deeply exfoliating, yet gentle on the skin. the hand & foot scrub is infused with hydrating oils & vitamins to heal & replenish dry damaged skin, along with apricot kernel husk to exfoliate dead dry skin away. this scrub is specially formulated to use with or with out water! a first for a hand & foot scrub!
a healthier looking skin begins here. this lightweight, high-tech, hybrid formula with  oils removes dirt, makeup & pollutants with high efficiency. this oil helps protect precious natural moisture resources. tea tree oil helps refresh and keep bacteria away.. skin breathes freely; & the energizing aroma of the yuzu flower will renew your spirits.

{bath soaks & salts}
{facial scrubs}
these salts contain a unique blend of essential oils, dead sea salts & ultra epsom salts to provide nourishing stress relief. these luxuary bath soaks help with opening pores, cleaning away toxins & soothing sore muscles. my bath salts relax your mind & body & keep your skin feeling fresh & soft.

restore flaky dehydrated skin to a smooth silky softness. thorough yet gently exfoliating, this must have scrub combines coffee & cocoa to cleanse dead dull surface skin, as milk moisturizes & hydrates. gentle enough for all skin types, this scrub can be enjoyed daily or weekly.

{facial toner}
{eye serum}
a refreshing astringent that tightens pores while protecting the skin. this toner removes lingering traces of dirt oil & make-up. it helps tighten pores & support the natural exfoliation of dead skin cells. the result is fresh beautiful skin. naturally.

an amazingly light moisturizer for the delicate skin around your eyes. this serum works to hydrate & tone your delicate skin tissues, reducing puffiness & lessening the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. my eye serum is ultra-light weight & easily absorbed. 

{salt & sugar scrub}
a body scrub like no other, my salt scrubs are formulated with dead sea salts & ultra epsom salts to exfoliate and refresh your skin. it not only exfoliates & hydrates your skin, but leaves you with a youthful glow, that helps increase circulation throughout the body.
the sugar scrub is a gentler exfoliating polish. it has highly concentrated essential oils, vitamins & two types of raw sugars. it revives & moisturizes your skin while massaging away dead skin cells, for a silk smooth touch.
{cuticle cream}
a rich luscious intense cuticle treatment which uses a natural combination of vitamins & oils to heal soothe & remove dry damaged cuticles & hang nails. your cuticles will be softer & your nails will be stronger. you will feel results immediately. you can even use it on your toes!  

{lip balm}
you will fall in love with this unique little jar of happiness! this is so much more than lip balm. this concentrated moisture mix was inspired by my original cuticle cream formula, but designed with the lips in mind. use it on your lips or anywhere on your body that could use a little pick me up. enjoy!​
{facial cleansing oil}